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Billing and Refund Policy

Access to the Civilian Crisis Response Team is provided as a membership subscription service.

Services include together and separately things such as this website, Facebook groups, group meetings, live training, pre-recorded training, online training, and other services that may come and go from time to time.

All prices are quoted and charged in US funds.

You can select a membership plan you feel will best fit your needs. 

Memberships automatically renew on the anniversary of your join date.

You are required to provide valid billing information in your account and maintain it up to date: contact name, organization, credit card details (for accounts paid by credit card), billing address, email address and telephone number.

You can select upgrades and downgrades of your membership level prior to renewal.  Membership plans do not prorate and credit for upgrading at an earlier date than your renewal anniversary will have to be requested (which will not be reasonably refused) via email after you process your upgrade.

If your account is in nearing or past renewal, you will be notified in one the following ways:
    • message displayed in your account to all account administrators
    • and/or by email to billing contact email and/or account administrators
    • and/or by telephone to billing telephone number
    • and/or by private Facebook message
If you do not rectify your account on a timely basis, your account will be placed into a lapsed status and certain privileges may be revoked base on our discretion.

You may cancel your membership at any time. To cancel it, sign-in to your account and cancel your membership.  Please note that early cancellation will not make you eligible for a refund of any membership fees.

You can also contact us by email or Facebook message to request a deletion of your account or change of billing plan. For security reasons we will have to confirm this request by sending an email to your billing email address. Once you confirm by replying to that email, we will process your request and adjust further charges accordingly.

All fees are quoted exclusive of all taxes and levies if so required.

Additional processing charges might be added by the financial institutions or other intermediaries, such as Cross Border Assessment Fee by Visa and MasterCard.

There are no refunds for a period for which payment has already been made.  An exception is if you request cancellation within 96 hours of your initial membership enrollment, at which point all fees will be refunded.

If your account has been downgraded for non-payment, outstanding amount will be added to the total if you re-upgrade it.  If your account is in a lapsed period of time for less than 6 months, a renewal payment will extend your next expiration date to the same date as if you had paid your account on time.  If you account is lapsed more than 6 months you will receive a full year extension from the date of renewal.  This can be changed if you send us a request in a timely manner, at our discretion based on use of membership services during the lapsed period.

It is your responsibility to ensure that our billing emails are properly delivered to your mailbox and not blocked by your anti-spam software or other protection measures.  It is your responsibility to check emails and any other notices to insure you are receiving the information.  You can adjust your account such that the only emails you are sent are those concerning your membership status.  If you need assistance making this adjustment, simply contact us.

It is your responsibility to ensure you cancel your membership prior to being re-billed if you so choose to do so.  Our system will generate and email various notices prior to your re-billing date.  You will also be able to check your membership renewal date at any time by logging into your account.  The membership renewal date is the same day the re-billing will occur.  If you do not cancel your account prior, no refund of membership will be offered.  In addition, you are responsible for any fees or collection costs if you choose to dispute this or any charge that is the result of you not keeping your membership status up to date.

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