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Are You Interested In Being Able To Better Protect Yourself, Your Family, and Your Friends?

Free Medical 


Our members get free training that enables them to respond to a multitude of medical emergencies including automobile or industrial accidents, gunshot wounds, heart attacks and strokes, and allergic reactions.

Free Firearms 


Members receive free training from world-class faculty on the safe and effective real-world use of handguns, shotguns, and rifles.  Additionally we cover important legal statutes that pertain to firearms owners, and engage in mindset training necessary for proper use of these weapons in violent encounters.

Free Life Skills 


Preventing serious situations or responding appropriately when they occur, are important life skills.  Members develop and fine-tune many such interpersonal skills including personality conflict resolution, understanding and controlling fear, maintaining situational awareness, communication, and effective teamwork.

Are You Interested In Deploying To Community Emergencies And Natural Disasters?

Search & Rescue

Our SAR (Search & Rescue) Team is fully certified and ready to deploy to assist local fire departments, police departments, and other agencies in the event of lost children, lost hikers/hunters/campers, or a silver alert.  We also have a K9 team, and can assist in getting your partner trained and certified.  Our members receive SAR training and certification at no cost.

Disaster Rescue

Swift water rescue, flood rescue, and collapsed structure rescue are just a few examples of the technical rescue abilities our team provides to local, state, and federal agencies in times of natural disasters.  We have a highly flexible team which can deploy quickly to small areas often not on the immediate action plan of large federal assistance teams.  Members can get trained and certified to deploy with us in a range of areas.

Disaster Relief

Our team is ready to assist communities in the aftermath of a disaster.  Our members provide tree clearing, debris clean-up, set up shelters and aid stations, deliver donations, and help the residents get back on their feet safely and quickly.  Members receive training and support in how best to assist in these times of need.

Members on our SAR and Disaster Teams will receive free training and certification through the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency

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