Civilian Crisis Response Team

The Civilian Crisis Response Team was founded in August 2015 in Nineveh, Indiana, by a group of trainers in the law enforcement, fire, rescue, and medical fields. Throughout our training endeavors, it became clear that no matter how prepared the students could be made, often they simply could not arrive on site in time. Data indicates once an emergency is called in to a 911 operator, the national average is 7 Minutes before the police officers, fire fighters, or emergency medical professionals arrive to render aid. That seemingly small amount of time can mean the difference between life and death.

Something else that we noticed frequently in emergency situations, is that bystanders often are not willing to help. Or if they are, they lack the proper training and the confidence that comes with it.

Simply, CCRT was founded to give everyday citizens access to proper training so that they are empowered and confident to make a positive impact in an emergency situation until the professional responders can arrive, perhaps even saving lives in the process.

CCRT members receive free, in-person training in areas of self-defense, medical, communications, search & rescue, situational awareness, and general emergency preparedness.

Before we knew it, we had grown enough in size to take on bigger challenges. We realized that we were beginning to have the capacity to reach out beyond our own communities.

In August of 2016, a series of tornadoes ravaged Kokomo, Indiana. CCRT members living in the area provided a street level assessment of the resulting damage and called on the group to help. We knew what needed to be done. Within 12 hours, we had 50 people on scene to assist the local authorities with debris cleanup. We focused on streets and driveways that were cluttered with downed trees. Although not expecting it, we were recognized by the mayor for our positive impact during such a stressful time. It was then that we realized what a difference an organized and professional group of our size could make in other disasters.

Following Kokomo, our Disaster Services division was created. Members wishing to become involved in disaster rescue or relief receive additional, free training and certification in a variety of areas to increase their knowledge and skills for this specialized division.


Since August 2015 We Have Grown To Over 1,500 Members in 19 States.  

Our members have helped countless people involved in automobile accidents and medical emergencies.  

Members have saved the lives of strangers, friends, and family.

We have responded to tornadoes, earthquakes, and floods where we have rescued over 750 people, provided over 150 field medical treatments, and given out over 7,500 meals and over 25,000 bottles of water.  We have cleared dozens of roads and assisted many families in beginning the process of recovering their lives.

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