Civilian Crisis Response Team


  • Have you ever witnessed some sort of crisis while out and about? Perhaps you were driving and were one of the first to come upon an accident scene.  Or you were at a store or restaurant and you saw someone choking or who had fainted.  Maybe you witnessed a quarrel that escalated into a physical altercation.

  • Are you someone who feels obligated, as a decent human being, to step up and help when someone around you is in trouble?

  • When situations like these occur, are you ready to help? Do you have the confidence in yourself, your training, and your equipment to know you are going to make a positive difference?

  • Would you like to be rewarded for being a person who is willing to make a difference? Not rewarded in trophies or news headlines, but rewarded with additional training for free, access to resources you don't have by yourself, and discounts on equipment like medical supplies, firearms, and survival gear? 

We know there are thousands of people who want to help in a crisis situation; they just need better training and better equipment. 

Civilian Crisis Response Team was founded as a way to give them free basic training, equipment at prices up to 50% off, and advanced training at significant discounts without having to deal with bureaucratic hassles or organizational drama.

If you answered yes to any of those questions, please read the remainder of this page because we are building something special and you might be a great candidate!


Our country has a rich and deep history of neighbors helping neighbors. 


One hundred years ago you didn’t call the fire department if your barn was on fire. Your neighbors saw the smoke and came running with buckets to form a bucket brigade to help you. If your barn burned down, your neighbors showed up and helped you build a new one.

Unfortunately, people today are more interested in picking up a cell phone and recording something for YouTube instead of picking up a tool and helping.

We want a return to our rich history of helping each other. 




  • Access to meetings, events, and workshops - Meet like minded people, learn new skills, and have fun.

  • Access to FREE training - With an average of 5 trainings offered every week at various locations within our primary area, you will be able to stay busy.

  • Access to our Member's Forum - Expert equipment reviews, training tips, inspiration, etc.

  • Access to our Member's Facebook Group - Stay up-to-date on the latest news, learn about equipment and new skills.  We are one of the most active groups on Facebook and you will learn something new every day.

  • Access to Online Training - Over 1,500 online courses to become certified in various emergency response skills. 

  • CCRT Morale Patch - Our unique Guardian Angel Patch.

  • Access to purchase program - Shop with over 1,000 different name-brand manufacturers and get dealer prices on optics, clothing, medical supplies, knives, etc.

  • Firearm Purchase Program - Purchase your firearms at $10 over dealer cost.

  • Training Partner Program - Attend training with any of our partner organizations and receive substantial discounts.



This is our current training area.  

Live outside this area?  You can join as an "Out of Area" member and still receive access to all the benefits, you just might have to travel a bit for the live trainings.

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